The EVERYTHING OMNI mission is to future-proof work and the workplace for the uncertainty of today.

Our SECRET SAUCE is experimentation and independence with open innovation.

Our VISION is to transition from consultancy views to community views, from corporate silos to cross border engagement from taking to giving.

We deliver EVERYTHING OMNI  by developing fresh objective perspectives, real-time insights, and real-world connections.


OMNIRAMA is an open innovation approach to engaging in work and workplace dilemmas.

OMNIRAMA LIVE is our Digital Marketplace to enable experimentation, and independence with open innovation.

Once a quarter we run a series of six contiguous events where we tackle a real-life business uncertainty and develop and define real-world scenarios.


The Open Innovation Think Tank confronts the uncertainty with four digital workshops encompassing people, place, leadership and technology. The workshops include four experts who deliver their views on uncertainty, which includes questions and challenges from other open innovation members.

The Open Innovation Incubator leads members from uncertainty to figure out and define a real-world scenario in a digital workshop environment with an interactive digital whiteboard.

The process guides members from the present to the future, establishing a common ground before detailing independent and unbiased scenarios.

The OMNIRAMA LIVE Digital Marketplace is not a webinar or a conference; it is always open for debate and discussion. The digital marketplace plan is designed for people and organisations to connect, collaborate, share ideas and help tackle challenges outside traditional siloed thinking. 


OMNI Discovery is our Business Marketplace to enable experimentation and independence with open innovation. 

Our OMNI Discovery comprises three distinct offers.

Omni Advisor - face-to-face private sessions for an organisation’s members with the experts discussing pre-notified and prepared issues.

Omni Deep Dive - an open innovation think tank and incubator platform for organisations to transition from understanding uncertainty to developing real-world scenario definitions.  Omni Deep Dive is performed onsite over a number of working days.

Omni Focus – aimed at organisations who wish to commission more extensive sessions with some of our experts to help resolve specific issues or access independent advice.  


A dynamic unbiased forum for emerging leaders to engage and seek advice or discuss their concerns and issues.
Omni Leaders will have a range of activities that can be tailored to meet individual client or corporate needs:

Omni Future Leadership aimed at developing potential in people who have not had formal leadership training to become leaders of the future.

Omni Leadership Development is a programme providing opportunities for mentoring, reverse mentoring and ‘learning in the business’ for existing and future leaders.

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